A Background Analysis Of Uncomplicated Strategies Of Powerlifting

Ruel Ishaku, Vice-President of the Nigeria Para-Powerlifting Federation, on Friday said the federation would select its best 40 powerlifters for Januarys World Championships at the upcoming National Sports Festival. Ishaku told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that the 2018 NSF would serve as a ground to raise a team for the country to the international event. NAN reports that the 2018 NSF, which is the events 19thedition, is billed for December 6 to December 16 in Abuja. Ishaku told NAN further that no fewer than 20 young powerlifters would also join the 40 elite lifters in a closed camp in preparation for the championships. He said: We want young powerlifters to be part of the world event. We want to groom them quickly, because some of the senior athletes may retire after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Nigeria is a force in this sport and we dont want to leave a gap when the aged ones step down. Some of the young athletes have been selected from the concluded National Youth Games in Ilorin, while others will be picked from the NSF.

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