Info On Speedy Methods In Fitness

"It's going to bring the community together for healthy lifestyle choices and really push fitness." That's Static Contraction Equipment the goal; city leaders opened the free outdoor fitness court on Friday. It's a complete body workout for anyone looking to get moving. "It's going to be great for your legs, quads, hamstrings, your gluts, if you wanna build a nice butt," said Summers, but mainly building a nicer city. The fitness court is just a small piece of a much bigger project to revitalize Main Street. "We just celebrated over $40 Million in investments in downtown," said Okmulgee Mayor, Steve Baldridge. It's money showing all over downtown. In the last five years, historic buildings brought back to life as shops, with upstairs loft apartments. Mayor Steve Baldridge says it's all about giving people what they want, place to live, work and now, play. "A lot of local people have invested in downtown, because this is their hometown; they're proud of it," said Baldridge. "They want to do what they can to help our citizens and bring an upper quality of life in Static Contraction Training Okmulgee." Summers is one of them.

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