Top Tips For 2017 On Prudent Fitness Methods

"MIRROR is really the first entrant into this smart screen space. We are the next and newest screen in your life since the iPhone. I think what's exciting about that is that we are paving our own path," Putnam told CNBC at her Manhattan office. Mirror provides highly varied workouts in cardio, yoga and strength training The product costs $1500 up front, plus a $40 monthly subscription for unlimited live and on-demand classes. The business model is very similar to Peloton, the in-home spinning bike. But with MIRROR there is no bike, which opens up the exercises to be more body-weight focused. The most popular categories include yoga, pilates, boxing, cardio, strength, and stretch. "I think our competitors like Peloton have done a great job demonstrating the market opportunity, demonstrating that two-thirds of Americans that work out do some sort of working out at home," said Putnam. "For us, the big differentiator is we are a Static Contraction Machine workout agnostic platform." Beyond just the everyday citizens who are buying the product, Putnam says MIRROR is catching on among professional athletes as well. "They are using the mirror differently than we anticipated.

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